Monday, February 18th, 2013

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It’s President’s Day. I am enjoying the time off from work today. It’s cold here today, but will lookup for the heating effect since we live in a warm area of the country later in the week.

My grandsons loved one of my recipes for Chicken and Yellow Rice, which I thought I would share with all of you.

Chicken and Yellow Rice

Yield: 7-10 servings, depending on portion sizes


1 whole chicken
1 family size Vigo Yellow Rice
3 chicken bouillon cubes
Adobo Seasoning

Step 1:

Take out the inside bag of the chicken. If you wish to put any of these parts (usually neck, gizzards, and liver) in your yellow rice, place in pan with the whole chicken. Place whole chicken in pan (dutch oven type). Season chicken on both sides with Adobo seasoning, Salt, and Pepper. Cover the chicken with water close. Place another teaspoon of Adobo seasoning and 3 bouillon cubes in the water (this gives the chicken meat additional flavor). Leave one to two inches from top of pan. Boil for 2 hours or until tender and falls of bone, turn occasionally.

Step 2:

Remove chicken from pan and place on plate to cool. Leave the water that the chicken was cooking in, as this has created a broth that the yellow rice will be cooked in.

Step 3:

Once the chicken is cool, pull the skin, fat, and bones from the chicken meat and discard. Pull the meat into small pieces and place into the chicken broth.

Step 4:

Heat pan with broth (broth should be half in the pan, if not add additional water) and meat. Place in rice and cook until rice is tender.

Serve once the rice is tender.

The leftovers can be placed into freezer containers and frozen for another delicious night’s meal. Enjoy!!

This can be served with a side vegetable. I prefer sugar snap peas with this on the side.